Keeping track of yours and your loved ones health history, finding locations and making healthcare appointments can be frustrating, scary and create unnecessary anxiety when you are sick. With the My Healthcare app, keeping track of your health plan has never been so easy.



What is it?

A mobile app that simplifies finding healthcare facilities, scheduling services, tracking prescriptions, health history and more for yourself and those you care for. Also provides quick, easy and anxiety free communication between you and a medical facility. 

Who is it for?

You, family members and various caregivers. Applications include: use for yourself or direct family members, health service locations to schedule follow up appointments and communicate with patients, caregivers at schools or nursing homes.




Deep-Dive Brainstorm

At GE Healthcare Menlo Facility


A day long, deep-dive innovation workshop at GE Healthcare, that utilized human-centred design research methods to help participants gain empathy.


In person stories from women in their 30’s to 60’s that were battling breast cancer. The women interviewed, were dealing with various stages of the disease, including: early diagnosis, remission and re-diagnosed with either breast cancer again or another form of cancer.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if...” captured ways to improve their overall experience.


Students, professors, GE healthcare professionals and most importantly patients, shared their reactions and discovers. Topics, such as pain points and positive feedback, as well as ideas, were grouped and prioritized. In each group, a small team was assigned to select the most important ideas and topics listed. Then each team presented and shared their discoveries.



Learning Wall

A place to communicate & learn from the community

Collective sharing

Led and structured by the senior MIAD Industrial Design class, the Learning Wall functioned as a collective sharing point for everyone in the school and community. The space spanned four main walls: one was dedicated to personas, one highlighting the “would be nice if..” ideas generated at the GE Healthcare brainstorm, another was a place for the community to post ideas and projects and the last functioned as  design inspiration. Small movable walls were also used to post facts, additional research and functioned as real time project boards.





Health tracking in the past 

"The Binder". Time consuming doctor searches via multiple online sites, word of mouth or lack of seeing a doctor at all. Inaccurate health history forms and uncertainty about personal health plans. 

Health tracking in the future

Access your information anywhere at anytime in one spot. Select doctors based on specialties, location and human characteristics. Manage loved ones health, link family health history and share key information such as allergies with other caregivers.



Brainstorm & Mockup 

Information map

Laying out main categories and what information is needed in the app. Using Post-It notes allowed for easy adjusting and kept ideas flexible. Priority categories were established and supporting information was generated based on walk-throughs.

Quick prototype

Paper mock-ups with Post-It note and cut paper were created and test with users for different background. Feedback was given based on what information should be included and how information should be visually presented. 






Visually see where place are compared to one another, who offers the service you are looking for in your area and watch short introduction videos on both the faculty and doctor. Also see available open appointment times. 


Keep all you family health history in one spot. Never forgot your past appointments, medication types or what illnesses have occurred in the family. Add notes to ask your doctor about during your next appointment or message them now with questions.



Allowing users to keep all their health information and doctor contacts in one safe, secure place..


The Compassion Project 

"End to End" Journey of Breast Cancer

Sponsored by GE Healthcare 

Exploring and finding new, meaningful ways to improve the women’s end-to-end journey for breast cancer. 

One of the first items given to women diagnosed with breast cancer is “the binder.” A three ringed binder with information on breast cancer, a list of their doctors and space to add a treatment plan, test results and bills. While this binder is a critical, storing it in open, convent places is a constant reminder of the illness.

My Healthcare app helps not only organize all that information in a discreet manner but also allows users to message their doctors, schedule appointments and keep track of their families health.

With a large number of young women being diagnosed with sever stages of breast cancer, many are relying on their spouse to take care of the family while they focus on getting better. Having peace of mind is key to recovery, this app makes it possible for their spouse to quickly and easily manage the their, their children’s and wifes health.

More information can be found at MIAD.